Networks and CTG Strategy

Human beings desire connection with something greater than themselves and connecting with each other. That drive, for authentic connection, as basic as needing food and water, has become harder to realize in a globalized “top down” society and economy–so people have been forming new grass roots networks and associations where they can get this felt need met.

In every sector of society (business; political; religious; and social service) and all over the planet, people are forming small groups (networks) to get back to the basics of our common humanity and connect with one another. The future lies with groups like this, networked in a myriad of ways, and within all parts of society. We are now seeing the decline of “bigger is better” and the emergence of “small is beautiful” in local communities–like millions of blooming flowers all over the planet within the broken-hearted world that we live.

This is borne out by a recent book, Wikinomics, that a networked global Internet has already created a shift away from centralized management and towards the emergence of small-group “peer-to- peer” teams as the main driver for economic and social innovation.

The change that is happening goes way beyond economic and social–it is actually a spiritual rebirth showing signs of becoming visible–the emergence of a new society from within the old–and each of us, whether we know it consciously or not, have a vital role in being midwives to its birth.

Connections Gatherings are one of many catalysts for this emergence. They create a space where we can overcome any challenge that we may have in practically living the highest values of Love, Integrity, Courage, Service, and Respect–the shared, “heart” language—the common ground that we are using to bring the disparate sections of our community together for a higher purpose in a broader community network. Think of it like a “spiritual community” without walls dedicated to living the values and giving support to each others passion to make a better world. As a result, new connections are made, new projects, groups, and new networks emerge (like the local food system) that become independent of any top down project management.

Being in a small group gives us a taste (to remember and discover our higher purpose) of how to live the community that we dream. We don’t have to wait for some future “utopia” that will never happen or wait for someone else to build it for us. Radiating love and a heart of service, we are needed now more than ever to strengthen our families, and outward into our neighborhoods, into our workplaces, and then to help support and connect existing community efforts-connecting the good into a power for change.

Smart Networks and Community Building

Connections Gathering Agenda