What Is A Connections Gathering

The Powerful Connections Gathering: Values-Driven Social Change

The driving power behind Connecting the Good Worldwide is the very easy
to start Connections Gathering in each community.  Powerful people come
together so they can naturally begin to connect the good with each other.
They share compelling stories about how they have been demonstrating
their shared values in daily life. Sharing in this way creates alignment of
intention and opens our hearts beyond the “head-based” focus on our
differences. That is the first step inward in this powerful method of
community transformation.

As a natural outgrowth of this first step, we then start connecting outwardly
to the people, organizations, and networks of which we are already a part.
These connections produce a spark — really, a catalyst that leads to ripple
effects of new Connecting the Good spheres in the lives and groups we
touch and commit to connecting. Sharing in this way is the key to unlocking
new social innovation as we learn from others who are not in our existing

It starts very simply with 5–20 people in your community gathering face-to-
face in a Connections Gathering — people from different walks of life and
beliefs — who are passionate about spiritual growth and who also enjoy
being of service in their local community. As you bring these powerful
people together, they start Connecting the Good between themselves,
which initiates a catalytic process that ripples out in waves of positive
intentions, connections, and actions into your community.

Then, other Connections Gatherings start taking place in your community
that are also part of Connecting the Good. The individual gatherings are
linked by a regional network much like “wiring” the fabric of community
together without the need for a formal or separate organization. It is more
like a growing organism that builds a movement based on aligned and
shared intentions, what is called a resonance field. The amazing side effect
is the hundreds and thousands of community efforts that are birthed and/or
linked up.

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