Common Language of Connecting The Good

The Common Language of Connecting the Good:

Five Shared Values and Twelve Common Needs.

Connecting the Good transforms the divisions that exist within society and
in ourselves by focusing on what we are for, not what we are against! In
order to make this happen, we use a common “language.” The common
language of a Connections Gathering and Connecting the Good are what we
call the Twelve Common Needs and the Five Shared Values.

Twelve Common Needs

In essence, we build community in twelve sectors,
what we call common needs, areas of community that people are already
passionate about. These are everyday things: growing more local food,
strengthening the local economy, a clean environment, wellness, spirituality,
helping those who are on the “margins,” and other needs that your
community has. This aspect of the Connections Gathering makes concrete
connections to support your passion and other’s passions as well.
Over time, each of these Twelve Common Needs evolves into networks that
connect people and existing groups that become more effective. One
example is the Northern Nevada Local Food System Network that evolved
by this method. For those who are interested, please contact us for the
follow up training guide that gives you principles and strategies to do this

Five Shared Values

We all share a belief that values are important, but they may not be at the
forefront of how we live our lives. Connecting the Good is an effort to
encourage our whole community to “walk our talk.” One of the hardest
things to talk about is how “spirituality” is connected to building community.
For many of us, spirituality is seen as equivalent to religion and thus could
be seen as divisive. Here, we are talking about the universal desire of
people to want to be a part of something larger than themselves (however
that is called). So, in Connecting the Good, spirituality is about the practical
embodiment of common shared values in building community in the Twelve
Common Needs areas.

The list of shared values on the following page is the result of input from the
community and from looking at the “core values” of many social institutions
including service groups such as Rotary, business, the U.S. Military, police
departments, non-profit and civic organizations, religious groups, etc. These
are the values upon which Conscious Community is based and we strive to
live on a daily basis.

Each monthly Connections Gathering focuses on one of the values at a
time. Doing so makes it more likely that we are able to embody these values
more consistently in our lives and community work. It is such an amazing
experience to bring people together who have different spiritual
backgrounds (or none) and hear stories about applying the shared values in
daily life. This is one benefit of the gatherings: giving the participants
additional support for spiritual awareness and learning what works from
each other’s stories.

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