Connecting the Good Worldwide is an innovative, unique grassroots
movement begun in 2003  to address the political,
religious, social, and economic divisions in today’s society beginning with
each person, each street and neighborhood, and each community.
Connecting the Good returns people to the basics of their humanity by
breaking down barriers and connecting heart-to-heart with one another.
This is done through community networking, activities, projects, and events.

It all starts with a “Connections Gathering,”
a monthly, face-to-face gathering that is part spiritual support system, energy
boost, and a local community action gathering. Connections Gatherings are
the primary strategic interface and interconnection used for activating
Connecting the Good in your community, building conscious community,
and expanding to become Connecting the Good Worldwide! You start
building the Connecting the Good network in your Connections Gathering
and its positive energy radiates to your whole region.

Connections Gatherings helps overcome the man-made differences that
exist in our communities, thereby releasing the potential energy existing
right under the surface. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, we need to
forge communities where “our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe,
our class, and our nation….”

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